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Serving those in Topeka, Kansas and surrounding areas before, during, and after a pregnancy. We are a non-profit and are supported by the local community. We do not charge for any services and you do not need insurance to be served at our center. If you come to visit us in person you will find that we provide truthful information on all pregnancy options, a range of pregnancy related services, and treat every individual with the highest standard of care in a compassionate and safe environment. We do not recommend or refer for abortions.

As we assist you in exploring your options, you will have the following supports to help reach the goal of balancing what is best for you:

  • Personal advocate who represents your interests first

  • Freedom to consider all your pregnancy options

  • Decision making at your own pace

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You have a lot of questions and a lot of options right now. That’s perfectly normal, and that’s why we are here–to help you navigate the road ahead.

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