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Choosing parents, or adoption, is a lesser-known option for expectant parents. The idea of choosing parents for your baby may feel sad, scary, or hard. The truth is these feelings are not reserved only for choosing parents for your baby; they can be felt about any of the three pregnancy options available to you. We can help you understand this option more fully so you can make an informed decision based on facts and not only on feelings.

Myth: Adoption is giving away a baby because a parent doesn’t care about them.

Fact: Adoption is creating a life-long plan for your baby and choosing parents to raise them. An immense amount of thought, preparation, and care goes into creating an adoption plan. Parents who choose adoption care very much for their baby.

Myth: If I choose adoption I’ll never see my baby again or know if they’re okay.

Fact: You are in the driver’s seat when it comes to adoption! If you want updates through letters and pictures or even visits with your baby and their adoptive family, you can do that.

Myth: I have to pay for an adoption or consultations talking about adoption.

Fact: If you create an adoption plan, you will have no financial costs. Meeting with an adoption professional to learn more about your options and creating a plan for your baby is free. At times, an adoption professional may be able to support certain financial costs associated with your pregnancy.

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