Pregnancy Testing

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Whether you took a pregnancy test at home or still need to take one, our center can provide a free test to verify your pregnancy and confirm it with an ultrasound.

If you have a positive pregnancy test our center can enroll you in Medicaid (Kancare) if you meet the eligibility requirements. Coverage begins the same day you enroll at the center.

Most Asked Questions

If you have been sexually active and have missed a period, it is possible that you are pregnant. Our lab quality pregnancy tests can let you know if you are pregnant.

Our tests are lab quality and are up to 99% accurate according to the manufacturer.

The best way to get an accurate pregnancy test result is to wait to take a test until you were supposed to start your period. Once your period is late you will get the most accurate result.

If you had a negative pregnancy test and still haven’t started your period you can make an appointment to take another pregnancy test.

If you have had two negative tests and have not started your period you should contact your primary care physician or your OBGYN to talk about the reasons why you haven’t started your period.

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